Recital Info

  • Recital tuition rate

  • Recital information

  • Recital fees

  • Costumes

  • Optional fees


Competition Info

  • Explains all of the information forthe competition teams

  • goes through expenses and all extra costs

Payment Info

We require that you are set up on auto pay.  When you register online, you will enter your auto pay information and that is how tuition, recital fees and costume fees will be paid for.  

If your card is returned, there will be a $10 fee.  Please make sure you update your card as needed.


Cash/Check: If for whatever reason you need to mail a payment to us, you will mail it to the address below.


Mailing Address:

742 S Burlrush Rd.

Farmington, UT 84025


Do NOT mail payment to the studio address. There is no mailbox and it will not be received.




General Information

1310 E Highway 193 Suite #A8 - A10 Layton, Utah 84040

(801) 513-3376